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        Architect Andrei Dozsa founded the company back in 2002. The decision of establishing a company specialized in wood structures planning and execution came after 7-8 years of work experience in France, Germany and Spain.

        Due to the fact that these countries had a trend in using ecologic materials and construction techniques, wood became a serious option for constructors from Spain and France at the end of 90's. At that moment, all european countries had several helping plans for those who were using ecological methods, which praised the use of wood in the construction industry. For this reason, the percent of newly built wood houses increased in countries like France and Spain. 

Embracing this idea, timed with the strong legislation’s influence as well as in the context of european requirements for Romania, architect Andrei Dozsa decided to open a small but innovative company, specialized in wood structures.




         Another idea, scarcely present in Romania, was to provide an integrated service. Taking in consideration the planning experience and the difficulty of finding teams of workers specialized in wood working, architect Andrei Dozsa decided to found a production unit and to train an assembling team within the company. This decision had a win-win follow up, both for the clients and for the company, for two reasons: 

- the client communicates directly regarding the good execution of the work (eliminating the never ending opinions between the “craftsmen” and architect; 

- high speed of communication within the company as a result of good collaboration between architects and assemblers who previously worked together.

          Along the years, the company evolved in planning, as well as in construction, enriching its activity significantly. Due to permanent relations abroad, our company obtained several contracts for planning and construction in Norway, France and Spain. 

          The most long-lasting contracts were the ones coming from Norway, where our company had constantly teams of constructors and architects from 2004 to 2009.

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